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Family Community Connectors have a vast knowledge of organisations, activities and groups for families and individuals across Exeter. We initially meet with families for a chat to see how we might work together. We can then signpost or refer to activities, social and support groups as well as individuals within the community who could meet the family’s wants and needs. Some of the benefits of family connecting are:

  • Being able to connect to opportunities within the community

  • Enhance existing skills and learn new ones

  • Exploring and expanding passions and interests/hobbies

  • Improving wellbeing through physical activity and lifestyle changes

  • Reach out for support to improve emotional wellbeing and mental health

  • Advocating at meetings including schools and other professionals

  • Offering advice around practical support, for example, finances and cost of living

If you would like more information or to be referred to a Family Community Connector:


  • Speak to a professional working with you

  • Visit your GP and ask for a referral to Wellbeing Exeter

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