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Wellbeing Exeter Network Survey

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

We are contacting you as part of our community of organisations in Exeter and Cranbrook to ask if you can help us at this critical time for Wellbeing Exeter.

Wellbeing Exeter is undertaking an evaluation of its programme via a simple survey. This survey seeks to understand the extent and nature of Wellbeing Exeter's connections with partners across Exeter and Cranbrook.

The survey information will help Wellbeing Exeter describe its role within the health and wellbeing 'ecosystem' in the city, as well as identifying areas where the programme is less well connected. Your feedback will also assist us greatly in establishing the future direction for the programme.

We would very much welcome your response to the survey. Please complete as much of the form as possible (we understand that you may not be able to answer all questions). Deadline is 7 September 2023.


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Wat Tyler House

3 King William Street, Exeter


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