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If you are aged 11-18 and looking to improve your wellbeing, talk to a Community Connector. They are:

  • Focussed on your wellbeing and what matters to you

  • Good at listening

  • Young person centred

  • Give you a choice of the support or activities you could be a part of

  • Help you to access and introduce you to the activities and opportunities that you are interested in and work for you

  • Work with you to break down any barriers to improving your wellbeing

  • A confidential space for you to talk about the things you choose

If you live in Exeter you can access a Community Connector through your school or Exeter College. Speak to your school and they can make a referral to Wellbeing Exeter. A Connector will then contact you to discuss the next steps. It is okay if you do not want our offer, or it is not the right time for you, just let us know. You can still link with us in the future and we'd be happy to support you. 


Our Young People connecting team have recently launched their new Young People Connecting Instagram page. It is intended to promote the variety of Exeter’s young people offers and also contains short bios and photos of each of the Connectors. Check it out here.

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