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Wellbeing Exeter & CoLab - July 2024

Updated: Jul 4

Wellbeing Exeter - an alliance of public and voluntary and community sector organisations across the city providing vital support to individuals and community groups - will look a little different this summer thanks to new management. Exeter based wellbeing hub CoLab, will formally take over the management of the service from Devon Community Foundation who have managed it since it began in 2013.

During that time, Wellbeing Exeter has supported over 8,000 individuals through their network of community builders, community connectors and community physical activity organisers. The organisation does this through a unique partnership of delivery organisations across the city, supported by Exeter City Council, East Devon District Council and Sport England. Chair of Trustees at CoLab, Julie Dent, said that the organisation is excited about the future. She added:

"The The Trustees of CoLab are delighted to announce that with our partners Exeter Community Initiatives and Exeter City Community Trust we have been awarded the Wellbeing contract for Exeter. This demonstrates the clear confidence that people have in our approach of collaborating to achieve the best outcomes for the people of Exeter."

The Wellbeing Exeter partnership brings together local strategic partners to provide support to communities and individuals who need it most. These include Exeter Community Initiatives and Exeter City Community Trust. Ian Blackwell from Devon Community Foundation, said that he couldn’t think of a better organisation to take over the reins from this point. He said:

"Devon Community Foundation was central to setting up Wellbeing Exeter eleven years ago and we have been honoured to manage this innovative programme. During that time our communities have been through a lot from the Covid pandemic to the cost-of-living crisis, and DCF is extremely proud of the support that Wellbeing Exeter and Wellbeing Cranbrook partners and staff have provided to the people who needed it most."

CEO of CoLab, Fiona Carden said that it will be vital to work with partners in the area to continue to deliver the service:

"We look forward to working with our partner organisations and building new relationships to continue Wellbeing Exeter’s impactful legacy and build a future sustainable model that serves communities."

Further information about Wellbeing Exeter can be found at


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