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Organic Vegetables
Fresh Salad & Bread


There are various food resources across the city with regards to food and food provision. Here are a few:

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Community Fridges make supply chain surplus food available to all for free. The aim is to reduce food waste, save households and businesses money and to strengthen community resilience. 

Exeter Community Fridge


In Exeter Central Library. Available when the library is open. 

St Thomas Community Fridge


In St Thomas Parish Church. Available Mon-Fri 10am-3pm.  

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SuperCook Zero Waste Recipe Generator

Add in the ingredients you have and it will suggest recipes

Jamie Oliver.png

Jamie's £1 Wonders

Featuring delicious recipes that won’t blow the budget – all costing less than £1 a portion


CAP Recipes On A Budget

Easy, tasty and budget-friendly recipes



If you are looking for healthy family meals on a budget then these cheap dinner recipes are not just delicious but also come in at under £1 a head for a family of four


ASDA Good Living

You don't have to splash the cash to enjoy delicious, flavoursome food. Some of the tastiest meals can be made for under £1 per person, without sacrificing on flavour

Love Energy Savings.png

How To Save Energy In The Kitchen

If you're looking for simple solutions to save energy in the kitchen, help is at hand!

More Than A Mummy.jpg

More Than A Mummy

Delicious family meal ideas that taste great and are cheap to make, at just roughly £1 a head

BBC Good Food.png

BBC Good Food

Thrifty recipes to help you keep cooking costs down.


Love Food CIC have produced a fantastic and simple recipe book, download it here, or pick one up from St Thomas Library.

Details of the healthy eating guide can be found on the NHS Eat Well website here.

Download a copy of the Eatwell Guide here.

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