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In 2020, we worked with local partners and funders to develop Wellbeing Cranbrook and both the Community Builder and Community Connector roles to work in the town. Find out more about what they can offer and how to get in touch below.


My name is Gemma and I am the Community Connector for Cranbrook working with young people (aged 11-17), adults (aged 18+) and families. I have knowledge of a wide range of local opportunities and I am able to help connect people to those that are right for them, with an emphasis on working things out together. This can include:

  • accompanying people to social opportunities within the community

  • introductions to specialist advice services

  • refreshing skills and learning new ones

  • helping people pursue their passions and interests

  • getting to know other people with similar interests and ideas


You can refer to us through Cranbrook Medical Practice, your school (Cranbrook Education Campus or St Martins) or Live West Tenancy Sustainment Team and ask for a referral to Wellbeing Exeter. Or you can self refer to us using these forms:

Wellbeing Cranbrook Adult (18+) & Family Self Referral

Wellbeing Cranbrook Young People (11-17) Self Referral

To find out more about the Community Connector Role, take a look here



My name is Andrea and I am the Community Builder for Cranbrook. Since moving to Cranbrook five years ago I feel properly settled. I love our town, especially the friendliness and helpfulness I have encountered. Since moving here I have got involved with GrowEatDo and the Cranbrook Community Association. I have loved doing this; learnt much and made friends along the way.


As a Community Builder, I map what resources (community spaces, skills, groups and people) exist within our local area. We create new networks; connecting people and opportunities. We support people to grow their own ideas and to try out new things that bring people together, improve their wellbeing and make the community a better space to live in. My role supports people to shine. Instead of organising events and groups, I support people to do it themselves. It is lovely to see people's faces when they have initiated a group and friendships are formed. 

Contact Andrea - Tel 07784 326740 or email

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