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In 2020, we worked with local partners and funders to develop Wellbeing Cranbrook and both the Community Builder and Community Connector roles to work in the town. Find out more about what they can offer and how to get in touch below.


My name is Gemma and I am the Community Connector for Cranbrook working with young people (aged 11-17), adults (aged 18+) and families. I have knowledge of a wide range of local opportunities and I am able to help connect people to those that are right for them, with an emphasis on working things out together. This can include:

  • accompanying people to social opportunities within the community

  • introductions to specialist advice services

  • refreshing skills and learning new ones

  • helping people pursue their passions and interests

  • getting to know other people with similar interests and ideas


You can get a referral to us through Cranbrook Medical Practice, your school (Cranbrook Education Campus or St Martins), Live West Tenancy Sustainment Team or you can ask someone who works in the voluntary sector, social care, higher education or a health professional.


You can also refer yourself to us - see below.



My name is Andrea and I am the Community Builder for Cranbrook. Since moving to Cranbrook five years ago I feel properly settled. I love our town, especially the friendliness and helpfulness I have encountered. Since moving here I have got involved with GrowEatDo and the Cranbrook Community Association. I have loved doing this; learnt much and made friends along the way.


As a Community Builder, I map what resources (community spaces, skills, groups and people) exist within our local area. We create new networks; connecting people and opportunities. We support people to grow their own ideas and to try out new things that bring people together, improve their wellbeing and make the community a better space to live in. My role supports people to shine. Instead of organising events and groups, I support people to do it themselves. It is lovely to see people's faces when they have initiated a group and friendships are formed. 

Contact Andrea on 07784 326740 or email



At Wellbeing Cranbrook our Community Connector can work with you on a one-to-one basis, to explore the opportunities on offer in Cranbrook. You can work with Wellbeing Cranbrook if you are:

  • A young person aged 11-17, an adult aged 18+ or a family

  • Live in Cranbrook

  • Not already registered with Wellbeing Cranbrook

  • Ready to engage with a Community Connector

If you can say yes to all of these, then please fill out the referral form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can:

Wellbeing Cranbrook Young Person Self Referral Form

Wellbeing Cranbrook Adult & Families Self Referral Form

Do you feel you are a risk to yourself or someone else right now? If yes, please click this button to be linked to resources that can help: 


If you work in the voluntary sector, social care, higher education or are a health professional then you can refer an individual to us. ​Before submitting the referral form on behalf of an individual, we ask that:


  • You understand the ways in which Wellbeing Cranbrook supports people to connect with the community and what matters most to them as individuals.

  • You’ve explained the reasons for the referral – please include a summary of the individual’s circumstances including any significant points that can assist us when holding our initial conversations with them (e.g. their health, mobility, relationships, interests).

  • You’ve told us about other services that are supporting the individual, or services you’ve recently referred them to.

  • Wellbeing Cranbrook has permission to contact the individual via at least two of the following methods - phone, voicemail, text, WhatsApp, email or letter. 

What Wellbeing Cranbrook can provide:


  • Introduce people in person to new groups, activities or services

  • An opportunity to explore what matters most to a person

  • Research into appropriate social and physical opportunities in the community

  • Opportunities to meet like-minded people to share interests with

  • Signposting to other services where specialist support or advice may be needed

  • Emotional support

  • Connect to the local community

What Wellbeing Cranbrook doesn't provide:


  • Enabling

  • Therapeutic support

  • Practical support around the home

  • Personal care

For young people aged 11-17, adults aged 18+ and families in the Cranbrook area, please fill out the referral form below and we will get back to the individual as soon as we can:

Wellbeing Cranbrook Professionals Referral Form

  • When we have received your referral, we will be in touch within a couple of weeks for an initial chat to go through your referral.

  • We will agree your suitability and how we might work together.

  • A Community Connector will then be in touch, if this is agreed on the initial call.

  • If we feel working with us is not right for you, we will signpost you to more relevant services that meet your needs. 


Disclaimer: We reserve the right to limit, suspend or refuse services to anyone based on our professional opinion, and at our discretion at any time, and without giving details or reasons. 

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