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This impact report summarises the scale and value of the Wellbeing Exeter programme, in particular what has been achieved in the last five years.


The report presents a range of independent research and evaluation, both quantitative and qualitative, to illustrate the depth of the programme’s impact. This report is part of a suite of documents that will inform the next phase for Wellbeing Exeter.

Wellbeing Exeter has worked on a one-to-one basis with thousands of Exeter and Cranbrook residents to support them to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. This booklet features a selection of case studies from the community connecting strand of Wellbeing Exeter, illustrating the range of ways in which the programme walks alongside people as they take action to move forward with their lives. It is a testament to the creativity and skill of the practitioners, and to the individuals’ courage and willingness to try new things. 

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The report Community Building in a Pandemic (2022) explores Builders’ responses to the changing context as a result of Covid 19. It considers the impact of a shift to virtual communication for an area of practice defined by face-to-face interaction, and also looks at the rise of hyper-local links, and the changing nature of volunteering, among other issues. It has been useful to have experienced, knowledgeable people on the ground to help us interpret the changes wrought by the pandemic at neighbourhood level, and their implications.

In summer 2023 we conducted a survey of Exeter residents, asking about their knowledge of and engagement with their Community Builder. We received 354 responses from all wards in the city. In addition, we held a series of interviews and focus groups with residents who have had significant contact with the Community Builders, to understand from their perspective where the value of community building lies. Read the full report, Knitting It All Together (2023).

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The Wellbeing Exeter Evaluation & Impact Report 2021-22 aims to capture and share some of the key elements of the Wellbeing Exeter programme.


It draws on work across the partnership, reflecting the vast and diverse contributions of the Community Builders, Community Physical Activity Organisers and Community Connectors, alongside the Coordination team who support the nine delivery partners to collaborate, communicate, develop and share insight.


Read the full report here

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